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Wedding Video | The Alonzos

June 2, 2019


Today two people deeply in love tied the knot! What a beautiful moment in their lives together. And now, with their personalized wedding video, they will never forget how turly amazing their wedding day was!

Meet The Alonzos!

Today marks the day this couple ties the knot! Their wedding was in San Clemente at Wedgewood Weddings. Mr. Alonzo is a Marine who is now stationed in Hawaii. Soon after the wedding and honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo will be moving to Hawaii where they will eventually raise their family.

Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo reached out to my mentor Donovan from The Mind Of Sol Media asking if he had any students that would be interested in the experience and opportunity to to capture their wedding. 2 days later Donovan reached out to me asking if I would like to work with him to film this wedding. Leading up to the wedding Donovan and I met up twice so that he could show me how he plans for a wedding film and how prepares his gear a couple days before.

On the day of the wedding Donovan and I left for the Alonzos' big day. Once there we officially met the couple and started to film every part of there amazing day. We filmed them getting ready, their first looks which was at Avenida Califia Beach, then the beautiful ceremony followed by the reception reception.

The whole day was festive with fun Jurassic Park and Star Wars theme songs as the maids of honor and close family came down the aisle, and the lively dancing during the reception. Having not known anyone is this newlyweds family prior to the wedding, after talking and being with them, by the end of night it felt like I was about to say goodbye to friends I had enjoyed knowing for some time. When Donovan and I sadly said our goodbyes we took a hilarious photo with Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo in the photo-booth.

Donovan and I came home to hours of footage due to both of us having our own cameras. Donovan left making the wedding video up to me so that I could learn to the highest extent through experience. I continued my research by watching dozens of professional wedding videos and learning the different types of styles and editing techniques that the editors used. Then I began editing. From when I was able to start editing to when I finished it took about a month, and once I finished I send it to Donovan and a few others to get their feedback on it before I sent it to the Alonzos. I was surprised that my first wedding video got an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. From there I emailed Mrs. Alonzo the YouTube link so I could get her feedback on it. and days later I sent the flash drive with the wedding video and extra footage as they requested.

I was so happy to hear how much they loved their wedding video and that I could be a part of their story and see the day that they had so long looked forward to. I wish this couple the best and much happiness in their marriage.

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