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Family Photos | The Clarks

October 27th, 2019


This was a super fun photo shoot as we were making jokes the whole time and laughing constantly. My family and the Clarks have been friends for a couple years now and doing their family photos is just another great memory with these friends!

Meet the Clarks!

When the Clarks heard that I was looking for a family to do my first full family photo shoot with, they immediately reached out and asked if they could schedule one with me. After some planning and finding a date we were ready to hit the road!

The Clarks introduced me to a new place I haven't taken photos yet. And as soon as I got out of the car and took one look around, ideas already started to form. I had been here years and years ago hiking with my family, but it was way before I started to make my own catalog of places to do future photo shoots at. So I was extremely excited to explore the same place with a different perspective. We took some warming up photos and then started to get some really cool shots like the ones with the huge tree right behind the Clarks. Which I plan to call the "Family Tree" from now on because it fits too well.

We went to several different spots around the park and after getting some individual shots of the brothers and a couple of mom and dad, we packed up and headed for the parking lot. That night I narrowed down the photos (meaning I took out the duplicates, shots with anyone blinking, hair blown in the wind...). Unfortunately I did not have enough time to edit them that same night, even though I really wanted to, because I had work early the next day. BUT as soon as I got off, I went straight home to edit them. And it was awesome. I took notes on what I liked and what to do different next time, and other ideas on poses. So I am pumped for my next family photo shoot next weekend!

Once I shared the photos with them, not only did Mrs Clark say that she loved them all, but even her eldest son reached out saying that they all loved them. It was so great to hear that from both of them because making people happy through looking at photos even days later will make them smile years from now looking back. And that is exactly why I love what I do so much and the reason I want to do this more.


Canon 80D

17-55mm Canon EFS Ultrasonic 2.8

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