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YouTube Channel | Team Edge Update!

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

October 10th, 2019


Just a really fast update! I did camera again today for Team Edge and I will be doing it again tomorrow. But not just that, as of today I'm officially part of the team!

Team Edge Member

I will be working two days a week at their studio, as the camera man during the shoot, and helping as a Production Assistant (P.A.) before and after. Getting to do more than just being the camera man is a huge plus because I will be getting to work with other P.A.s and learning even more about setting up the lights, cameras, props, and making the set! We even get the freedom to add to some of the challenges.

All of this experience will undoubtedly affect other aspects of my own business. More practice with lighting will help be with photo shoots. More practice behind the camera will help me with both photo and video shoots as well as strengthen my knowledge of working with different cameras.

See the list of videos I have worked on HERE, new videos added every week!

#TeamEdge #CameraOperator #PAwork #YouTube

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