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Private Photo Shoot | Taylor and Sydney

November 21st, 2019


Today I had a photoshoot very far from home . . . Nashville Tennessee!

Meet Taylor and Sydney!

Both Taylor and Sydney attend Lipscomb University, in Nashville Tennessee. Taylor is studying kinesiology, her dream is to work on the sidelines of a sports arena and be one of the first medical responders when there is an injury. Sydney is studying to become a doctor, where she plans to then help aid the people of third world counties like Kenya. She has already gone on medical trips there with her family, and hopes to one day start an organization that will grow and help even more people in need around the world. We all met while I was staying with one of my best friends at Lipscomb.

My friend and I went to the cafeteria for breakfast and sat down with Taylor, Sydney and their friends. Upon meeting each other they said that they would love to do a photoshoot!

With only a few days to find a location in a state I have never been to before I started my search on google. They had decided that they wanted some photos down in the city, and conveniently enough, a different friends in Nashville had just then recommended this picturesque alley in the downtown area. So when the day came, we started there and then walked around the city. We were very limited on time because of how early the sun set so the majority of our time was spent at that cool alley and once it became dark, in a parking garage, which led to some very stylized photos.


Canon 80D

50mm Canon EF 1.8

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