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Real Estate Photography | Open Houses

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

July 27, 2019


Today was focused on branching out and learning a new type of photography to build my real estate photography portfolio.

Real Estate Photography

Today was interesting. I had planned to go to 5 open houses and ask the realtors if I could take photos of the house to use to create my real estate portfolio. Today was the day I learned that realtors can "babysit" another realtors home. If there is a "babysitting" realtor at the house the understandable do not have the authority to allow me to take photos, the actual realtor would have to be contacted. I did not prepare for that so I understandably had to leave empty handed from two houses. BUT the other three houses that I had found were more than willing to allow me to take photos!

Before I went around to these open houses I did research online to learn how to do real estate photography, and after learning new techniques I was ready to put my new knowledge to the test. I looked online for homes for sale and planned my rout for the day based off of my favorite homes, where they were, and when their open house was. Then when the day came I set out to take some photos.

I had fun and learned a lot through practice, even in one day. I hope to be hired at some point for a real estate photography job to continue to open myself up to new types of freelance photography.


Canon 80D

50mm Canon EF 1.8


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