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Private Photo Shoot | Savannah

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

May 7, 2019


My first photo shoot ever with the beautiful and talented Savannah Burrows!

Meet Savannah!

Savannah recently graduated from West Ranch High School in the Santa Clarita Valley and is currently attending Belmont University in Nashville TN. Savannah is a very talented singer and songwriter and has come out with her own professionally made music video called "What Would Taylor Swift Do?". Savannah and I have gotten to know each other towards the end of our summer breaks before out senior year. Since meeting her she has become one of my biggest supporters and wanted to do a photo shoot with me!

Savannah knew exactly where she wanted to do a photo shoot. I had been to the location before while ridden my bike on the paseos over this same bridge and every time I would see groups of people taking photos. And within minutes of beginning our shoot I realized why it was such a popular place.

After shooting for half an hour I finally realized something that I will not forget to check ever again. I had given Savannah a little orange bag of fruit snacks to snack on as I got ready and I hadn't noticed the orange corner of the wrapper sticking out of her pocket *face palm*. We fixed it and continued on, the amount of photos I had to photoshop later would drill it into my head to check for every little detail like I should have done before even shooting. After taking some great photos on the bridge, my next challenge was to get some photos at this location that no one or few have gotten before.

A almost impossible challenge considering there seems to be almost two photoshoots going on at once every day. I set out to find a spot and after making our own trail to a location I spotted in the distance from atop the bridge, we found a beautiful location that I have not seen other take photos at. In the photo at the top of the page you can see the stunning plant-life wrapping around Savannah. I had such an amazing time capturing these moments, and I am excited to start to take more and more photos of people and tell their story. Here are some more pictures from her shoot!


Canon 80D

50mm Canon EF 1.8

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