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Private Photo Shoot | Sam

March 7th, 2020


Now that I have a full time job at Team Edge, I want to make sure I still get out and do some shoots. This month I have 4 confirmed shoots and more being arranged! Here's some quick photos from my first shoot this month

Meet Sam! (AGAIN!)

This is our third shoot together, and its been cool to see the progression over time in both the photos and modeling. Sam is still one of my favorite models to work with because she knows exactly what to do and when letting me focus on capturing the photo. If we were to summarize this shoot it would have a lot to do with stopping at random places along the way to the beach. Every time I've driven to the beach in the last year I would always see this barn that I wanted to take photos at. And while exploring the backroads near Fillmore we came across a seemingly abandoned barn house.

This shoot was a lot of fun and I'm super happy with how the photos turned out, I have so many more but here are some of my favorites from this shoot:

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