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Private Photo Shoot | Alyssa

November 22nd, 2019


While in Nashville I did a quick photoshoot with my girlfriends roommate, Alyssa. It was quick but fun because it started raining after only 30 minutes, but we stuck through it for another 15 minutes! And we got great shots that made it all worthwhile!

Meet Alyssa!

Ashlee is studying at Belmont University in Nashville to become a nurse, her and Savannah are sharing a dorm room for their first year of college!

We did the shoot on campus on one of the lawns and stated at one of the walkways and then went to a group of trees that were covering the ground with falling leaves. The leaves were a little wet but that didn't keep Alyssa from wanting to picking them up and throwing them in the air for some photos! The background colors of fall created a beautiful combination of orange and brown, and Alyssa's outfit matched perfectly. After the first 30 minutes it started to rain and we pushed through for a little longer but then we both got pretty cold, and decided to go in and see what we got!

I want to stand out from other photographers and have a next level experience where everyone is having fun and laughing. It just makes every shoot so much more enjoyable and helps everyone do their best. I had so much fun with Alyssa's photo shoot, and I'm really excited about the results. Let me know what you think of the photos below!

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