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Music Video | Mashup Savannah Burrows

December 18th, 2019


Another great day working on set with TK McKamy for Savannah Burrows' music video combining her new song Modern Romeo with Taylor Swifts songs Lover and Love Story!

Savannah Burrows and Taylor Swift Mashup

I worked as a Production Assistant where I helped with things like making the swing that you can see Savannah on in the video, along with some other things helping decorate the set. I had two funny jobs such as catching Savannah when she would fall off screen for one of the beginning scenes, and I had to swivel one of the spotlights back and forth outside of the house for the dramatic fireplace scenes. Originally I was going to do some drone work for the video, but it turned out that the set was too close to two airports making it impossible for the drone to even take off because of being inside of the restricted "no-fly zones".

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