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Modeling Shoot & Portfolio | Kristian

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

September 10, 2019


Kristian reached out and told me how he needed photos ASAP to make his model portfolio. We planned and shot everything in a few days, and a week after that, Kristian signed with a modeling agency using only the photos from our shoot!

Meet Kristian!

He currently attends College of the Canyons but is hoping to transfer to modeling full time in Europe and New York. In order for him to be able to do this he had to have a portfolio to send to agencies in order for them to accept his application. He began searching for a photographer to get this done. He reached out to me asking what I could do for him and what his budget was. I told him I was more than happy to accommodate and get him something better than what he wanted.

Kristian sent me three different models portfolios that were similar to what he was wanting. I studied the photos, identifying similar styles of framing, locations, colors, and poses. After some notes I started looking at model magazines and the photos inside of them. I wanted to know what it took to get the best photos for Kristian.

We talked about a few location ideas around SCV and discussed taking some photos in a studio. After looking around we found that there was not a way to rent a studio with the budget. So I used my own money to invest in some studio equipment.

Day 1:

The first day of the shoot we planned to be outside. We started early in the morning at out first location. We warmed up and as the photos started to turn out well we gained more and more confidence. After an hour we moved to location two.

We were going to take some urban styled photos in a parking garage because the simple modern concrete design would be a cool back drop. Up until this very day, the walls were just plain concrete. I had been excited for an opportunity to do a shoot there, but apparently I had been excited for too long.

We arrived to find the parking structure closed due to the whole structure being painted. We went to the top only to find that they almost finished with the top. There are three different parking structures at this one location, and all three had been recently painted.

Although bummed we went find other picturesque spots around the town center. Even though we were unable to go get the photos we wanted from this one location, it pushed us to capture even better and more creative photos. Afterwards we set out to our third and final destination of the day. We battled the harsh son of the day and still came out with great photos.

Day 2:

Day two was all in the studio, I had already practiced setting up my new studio and had it ready for when Kristian arrived. We experimented with different backdrops and positions. I bought and refurbished an old stool from Goodwill for him to sit on and we all loved how they turned out!

Overall the shoot was an incredible experience and I am so happy for all thats happened for Kristian so far. He signed on with Vega Models and you can see his page Here. This winter he will be flying to Europe and meeting with other Vega Models. Kristian has already brought up how he would like to collaborate again in the future, and I am excited for when that happens. Good luck Kristian, I can not wait to see where your new career takes you.


Canon 80D

17-55mm Canon EFS Ultrasonic 2.8

Neewer 5 in 1 Reflector

LimoStudio Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

Emart Photo Video Studio Backdrop Stand

Neewer 24x24 inches Soft-box Lighting Kit

Julius Studio Muslin Backdrop Bundle Kit

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