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Senior Portraits | Aubree

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

May 13, 2019


My first paid gig today and I had the privilege to do one of my good friends senior portraits as we graduate this year!

Meet Aubree!

She recently graduated from Saugus High School in the Santa Clarita Valley and is currently attending College of the Canyons. Aubree and I have been friends since elementary school and became closer our senior year. When Aubree and her mom reached out asking to do her senior pictures with me I was ready and willing! After some planning we set out on a Monday afternoon to Vasquez Rocks.

The intriguing rock formations and the surrounding greenery make Vasquez a popular place for Instagram influencers and the entertainment industry. Vasquez has already made its place in history with the over 200 film or television productions, and now it has also become part of Aubree's story as she gets ready for a new chapter in her life after graduating.

I had such an amazing time capturing her senior moments at Vasquez. Unsurprisingly there was a film crew there while we were taking photos. Because of that there were some "iconic" locations we did not get to go to, but that just pushed us to think outside of the box to get great photos where we could! As we drove away there was a road near-bye that we just had to stop at. Between the colorful sunset peaking out over the mountain peak far off in the distance and the elegant white blouse, the photos look absolutely amazing! Here are some of my favorite pictures from her shoot!


Canon 80D

50mm Canon EF 1.8

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