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YouTube Channel P.A. | LemonMade

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

August 14, 2019


This was an awesome experience! I got to experience being on set of a successful YouTube channel, and be a part of the production of two of their episodes!

Meet LemonMade!

LemonMade is a comedic DIY channel that creates the most "outlandish DIY’s that have the potential of being a huge fail or success and then put them up to a quality test challenge!"

It was such a great opportunity to be able to work on set with these hilarious people. I came in only knowing that I was going to be helping film two episodes of LemonMade. Once they told me what the two episodes were going to be about, I was super excited to start the day.

The episodes were of LemonMade testing the barbecue they made out of a huge tool box. And the other was of one team creating a puzzle chest and the other team having to solve it. I highly recommend you go and watch both episodes, I have them both linked below!

Ever since I first started watching YouTube videos in junior high I have wanted to become a YouTuber. But becoming a successful YouTuber is very hard, as well as staying relevant. And people today are not afraid to let you know how it is almost impossible. But I am the kind of person that hears the word "almost" and lets that drive me. Today, almost six years later, has been my biggest step so far in achieving part of my dream. Today all I did was temporarily take the place of LemonMades actual cameraman, while he was out of town. Substituting for a successful YouTube channel's cameraman may not sound like a huge step in my career, but there were so many things I got to learn, see, and experience that I will apply to creating my own channel down the line.

Watch both of the awesome videos I got to be a part of filming here:

Watch the "We Made a Barbecue Out of a Toolbox" Here

Watch the "We Made an IMPOSSIBLE Puzzle Chest!!!" Here

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