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Holiday Photos | Darwin's Kids

October 9th, 2019


Today was a great day to kick start the holiday photos and family portraits season. This shoot also marks my first holiday photos shoot! It's time to start making those holiday cards to send to your friends and family, and theres no place better to start than with the photo shoot!

Meet Jackson, Brooke, and Parker!

Meet the little guys from the Darwin Family! Mrs. Darwin reached out a few weeks ago after she heard that I Freelance Photography and asked to do a quick shoot soon! For a couple weeks now I had been looking forward to doing my first family shoot, and I had two, but they are both scheduled for later in the month, so I was going to have to wait. But all of a sudden in a few short days I had a this one!

The Darwins wanted to do their shoot here in Santa Clarita at the most iconic bridge around. A lot of families go to this bridge for their family photo shoots, so I knew going into this shoot the only way to make these photos stick out from others at this location was going to be the poses. Both Mrs. Darwin and I came up with ideas to bring these cute family photos to life. We laughed a lot and I kept snapping photos that would both be a way to remember their past year together and a way to remember this fun shoot! All three kids were super easy going and fun, their smiles made every picture.

As we finished wrapping up, Mrs Darwin asked when she might expect the photos, I told her the usual due date would be a week after the shoot. But when I got home and started looking through the photos, I couldn't help but want to start editing. So I might of finished them the same night and sent them to her to review the next morning. When I woke up, I was greeted with an email from Mrs. Darwin saying that she was extremely pleased with the photos! I think hearing the responses when people see their photos for the first time has got to be the best part of every photo shoot. Bringing smiles to peoples faces through photos is one of the main reason I started pursuing this path.

Thank you guys so much for a fun day! Hope to see you all again next year, and maybe even when senior year comes around!


Canon 80D

17-55mm Canon EFS Ultrasonic 2.8

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