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Private Photo Shoot | Ashlee

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

October 3rd, 2019


This has got to be one of my best photo shoots to date! The combination of perfect weather and an great model, paired with the light, colors, and confidence in this shoot really makes it stick out.

Meet Ashlee!

Ashlee is studying at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita to become a nurse, her and I both went to Saugus High School and graduated in 2019, just a few months ago! Ashlee loves interior design and hopes to one day pursue her passion and have it become her career. We knew of each other but didn't really become friends until the summer after junior year when her, some friends, and I all started lifeguarding at Hurricane Harbor. Later in the year when Hurricane Harbor closed for the season we would still hang out here and there at school.

Having already of been friends, Ashlee and I were comfortable and having fun with the shoot. There was always something funny happening. A few times while I was in the middle of focusing my camera for the next shots, she would be making funny faces and I would surprise her by taking a photo of her unprepared. Another time, I fell of an upright haystack while trying to balance on it and get a better angle.

I started getting into freelance photography towards the end of senior year. We've talked about doing a shoot a couple of times before, and only now have we both been able to do it! I'm glad it didn't happen earlier though, because I have learned so much in the past couple moths, and it's making these photos turn out 100x better. When driving to downtown LA one day to help film an advertising video for a clothing brands new lineup, I noticed a few good spots along one particular road that would be good to check out as possible photoshoot locations.

So today, with this more relaxed shoot, we decided to check these spots out! Little did I know that I had actually been to one of the spots before. One of my mentors, Donovan, had taken me and model to this spot for a shoot where he could teach me about how to lead a photo shoot. He also took my senior pictures here that same day. My favorite photo from that shoot is the very photo I use for all of my profile photos, so a big shout out to Donovan and The Mind Of Sol Media.

I want to stand out from other photographers and have a next level experience where everyone is having fun and laughing. It just makes every shoot so much more enjoyable and helps everyone do their best. I had so much fun with Ashlee's photo shoot, and I'm really excited about the results. Let me know what you think of the photos below!


Canon 80D

50mm Canon EF 1.8

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