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Film Production | Santa Barbara Country Music Festival

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

September 8, 2019


Today I got to work with TK McKamy, who has won multiple CMA Video of the Year awards, and gotten to create commercials for Nike and Coco-Cola. He reached out asking if I would like the opportunity to work with him and for him to introduce me to a high-end film production.

Welcome to the Santa Barbara Country Music Festival!

There was a production crew of about five of us today, we started with getting to know the lay of the land, setting up a "home base" to store all of our gear at and to have a place to back up all of our footage throughout the day. I started out doing normal P.A. work like running waters around and getting gear and bringing it the people that needed it, all while observing everyone and learning things as I went. We filmed a lot of behind the scenes clips of Savannah Burrows as she prepared for her big performance opening for Hunter Hayes, who is a famous country music singer and songwriter.

One of the best parts about the day was that I got to do a little bit more than just P.A.. I was asked to go out to film and photograph the concert at some points and get behind the scenes footage of Savannah. Even with getting to do more than I expected, the absolute best part of the day was the experience I got hands on and through observing. I used a Canon 5D, which is a camera I have looked into buying for the future, and from the looks of it, it is capable of doing many things. With that in mind, there is still a lot I would need to learn in order to capture better quality photos and videos with it.

Overall this was an amazing opportunity, one that I will never forget, and I am so happy that I got to be a part of the production. I first met TK at The Canyon in Santa Clarita a year ago, when Savannah introduced me to the director of her music video "What Would Taylor Swift Do". That same night I got on stage during a break in-between songs and asked Savannah to the Homecoming Dance and to be my girlfriend. So he has known Savannah and I since day one, and is a good friend of ours. In the coming weeks I will be getting coffee with TK to catch up and to talk about the future. He is such an amazing director with a very creative mind, who cares about young creators. And to be learning from him has been such a career changing moment.

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