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Family Photos | The Browns

November 3rd, 2019


It was really fun getting asked to do my neighbors Family Photos! We even did it in back behind our neighborhood.

Meet the Browns!

The Browns booked me through my website just a couple days before the Clarks, so I was super excited this week to be getting my first TWO photo shoots in one week! Once Mrs Brown had selected a style and we selected a day, we were all ready to go!

For this shoot we did it right behind my families house. My family and friends call it the "Back Back" because it is like the backyard behind our backyard. Growing up my brothers, friends and I would go back here to build forts or BMX bike jumps and paths. So it was fun to go around and remember things about what life was like then versus now and using the "Back Back" for a whole different purpose now. The sun was super harsh today so I had to position the families with their backs to the sun or keep them in shaded areas. This did limit some locations and poses but we still got plenty of good photos!

This was a fun shoot and I like the photos that came from it, and it sounds like the Browns do too from what they told me!


Canon 80D

17-55mm Canon EFS Ultrasonic 2.8

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