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Creator Estates

Creator Estates is a Customized Fund that invests into assets in the vacation rental industry. A majority of our portfolio is dedicated to buying and developing creative vacation rentals like tree houses, cave homes, a converted firehouse, and other unique experiences! We believe in creating an ecosystem of businesses that supports our vacation rentals. Therefore we also acquire and merge businesses related to the hospitality industry, including property management companies, marketing companies, and more. 

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Firehouse Coffee Shop & Airbnb

This Renaissance Revival style Historic Firehouse in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is an extraordinary architectural gem. Plans are now underway to convert the main floor into a coffee shop and the top floors into Airbnbs! 


Evergreen Cabins V2

We partnered with the renowned Evergreen Cabins creator to develop a second property with even more awe inspiring vacation rentals with unique amenities.

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Cave Home

We are working to create a cave home the Flintstones always dreamed of


Property Management & Marketing Co

We are buying property management companies, merging them together and growing their marketing capabilities to provide consistent care and maximize exposure to guests for our properties and other hosts.

Blue House

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